I’m a freelance programmer based in Haslemere, Surrey, UK.

I have over two decades of experience across a range of languages and technologies and enjoy working with intelligent and creative people who value and uphold high standards. I have extensive experience with Python in particular but am happy to work with whatever is the best tool for the job.

My work in recent years has mostly been (a) tools which support scientific research (b) digital preservation (Archivematica). Projects in either of these categories are of particular appeal to me.

I’m usually open to new and interesting opportunities so do please get in touch if you have something I may be able to help with.

Please see my full CV for details of past work.


  • The Best Boss in the World - PyCon Namibia, February 2017 - about freelancing and alternative working (slides)
  • Taking control of Bluetooth Devices - PyCon UK, September 2016 (video, slides)
  • Managing Mocks - a look at mocking in Python
  • Planning a Python Event - PyCon Namibia, January 2016 - about planning Django Girls workshops (slides)

Other things

  • Django Girls coach at multiple workshops - this involves mentoring small groups of beginner programmers.
  • Organising Django Girls workshops at PyCon UK and PyCon Namibia - these are beginner level workshops each giving around 30 women the opportunity to build their first web application using Python / Django with the guidance of an experienced coach.
  • If you want to see how I solve small coding puzzles, have a look at my profile

Personal projects

  • Map Thing is a route planner which supports routing through Google or Open Street Map. I created it because I wanted to plan routes along bridleways and footpaths, something which most online mappers don’t support. I use it frequently when planning runs and bike rides.
  • Train Times - a Raspberry Pi / LCD display project written in Python. It lives in my hallway and keeps me informed of when the next trains are departing. Incredibly useful and helps me get out of the house on time!